Get a Shutterstock Coupon Code to Design your Office Atmosphere

Many things contribute to the productivity and happiness of employees in the workplace. While varied and delicious foods are great, studies show that the interior design of the office can either hinder or enhance the workflow in the company. To keep employees happy, business owners should make use of earth colors, encourage personal interactions, and include plants and wildlife. Thankfully, one of these can be achieved through Shutterstock images.

  • Make use of earth colors.  According to a study conducted by the University of Texas, the colors white, beige and grey increase the risk of office displeasure and turnover rate. You should also avoid bright colors such as purple and orange as they often cause discomfort – especially in small office places. You can make use of red to sharpen focus, but only in small, effective amounts.

On the other hand, it is scientifically proven that earth colors stimulate the senses and soothes the soul. To improve focus and creativity, make use of sky blue and relaxing green tones. Focus on these colors to increase collaboration and confidence. Get a Shutterstock coupon code and purchase images with license to print to decorate your workplace with earth-colored portraits.

  • Encourage personal interactions. Many offices are now using open floor plans to encourage face-to-face interactions. Companies with sufficient personal interactions across departments have increased creativity and increased chances of success. Studies show that great ideas and key decisions often come from hallway conversations and overheard chit-chats.
  • Include plants and wildlife. Incorporating plants in the workplace creates a sense of energy. Studies show that it also reduces anxiety and fatigue. When incorporated effectively, it also reduces absenteeism.

These design tips will help create an environment that will boost the productivity and happiness of employees. They will also help create a fine-looking workplace.

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