Importance of Extended License on Images for Commercial Use

When downloading images for commercial use, it is important that you understand the licensing terms associated with them. Otherwise, you could end up suffering from a damaged reputation and empty pockets. Like many legal documents, licensing agreements can be incomprehensible to the average reader. What makes thing worse is the fact that terms vary from site to site. So, what is the best license for stock images used commercially?

Extended License is an upgraded version of the Royalty-free License, which allows you to use images again and again without further cost. The former extends your usage rights, giving you unlimited print runs and allowing you to use the images on products for resale. In short, it removes certain limitations of the Standard license while adding some very useful rights. As a one-time fee model, you only pay once to benefit from the rights forever.

What can you do with an Extended License?
With this type of license, you can do everything you can [do] with a Standard license. Plus, you can produce unlimited copies and use them in

products to be resold for profit. You can use the stock photos for personal and commercial use – for as long as you want. Check over here. You can print as many images as you wish, without restrictions.

When do you need to acquire an Extended License?

  • You need to distribute more than the standard limit of copies allowed by the Royalty-free license.
  • You want to use the photos on products to be reproduced and sold for profit.

Where can you buy photos for commercial use?
There are a number of websites that offer stock images for commercial use. However, not all of them are of high quality and affordable cost. If you wish to purchase photos with an Extended License, you might want to check out Stock Photo Secrets. The stock site recently added the Extended License to their offerings, allowing you to purchase stock photos for commercial use. Here is a list of what’s included in the license:

  • 300,000+ Copies. With an Extended License, you can use images in your design and reproduce them on over 300,000 copies. You can use all images on advertising, marketing and other promotional materials. You can also use them on product packaging, books, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Products for Resale. With an Extended License, you can use the images to create your own merchandise. You can include them in t-shirts, canvas prints, posters, mugs, postcards and many more. You can also use them on electronic templates for resale, such as e-greeting cards and website templates.

Stock Photo Secrets has one of the cheapest pricing tables for Extended License in the market. A single image comes at $80 for non-members, while members can enjoy as much as 50% discount with $40 per image. That’s right! When you sign up to the website and subscribe to any plan, you can download packs of stock photos for commercial use for as low as $22. That’s a pretty great deal! What are you waiting for? Subscribe now!