Get Greater Savings with Getty Images Coupon Codes

Without Getty Images coupon codes, many creative professionals won’t be able to experience the stock site’s services. Unfortunately, it is hard to find such deals nowadays. If you want to get greater savings, you need to a better alternative. Getty Images introduces their new offering – Ultrapacks, (read more about Ultrapacks here)– which are a new way to purchase images on demand. Considered to be as good as a coupon code, they offer great discounts and benefits to both new and existing Getty members.

Ultrapacks come in various volume sizes and resolutions. You can purchase packs of 5, 10, 15 and 25 images in low, medium or high resolution. If you require a larger image pack, you can contact the sales assistant of Getty Images and choose from 50 to 250 images. The new offering simplifies Getty’s pricing and applies generous discounts to every photo. In fact, you can save as much as $3000 with the new Ultrapacks.

How much can you save?

How much can you really save with the new Ultrapacks? Let us break it down for you. One low resolution image at Getty costs $175. If you are purchasing 5 using the a la carte system, you will be paying as much as $875. But by purchasing a volume size pack of 5 images, you can get one image for as low as $160 and save $75. Imagine how much more you can save when you purchase high resolution images at larger volume sizes. Check it here for more!

Since medium to high resolution images have higher prices, the discounts on these photos can reach up to 31%. One image could cost up to $500, which means you can save as much $3000 from regular prices when you purchase a larger pack. Truly, Ultrapacks can be as good as Getty Images coupon codes – perhaps even better. Are you ready to purchase premium images and enjoy loads of discounts? If you are ready, get your Ultrapacks now!  

Ultrapacks Benefits

  • They allow you to access over 50 million images and videos, including premium Editorial and Creative Royalty-free content.
  • They have built-in savings. You do not need to apply Getty Images coupon codes to see your discounts.
  • They do not expire. You can download images anytime you want as long as you sign in to your Getty Images account at least once a year.
  • They are available for multiple uses. You can use them in digital, print, broadcast and social media.
  • They do not have print run and impression limits.
  • They do not have monetary limits on indemnifications.

With these great benefits and discounts, Ultrapacks are a better alternative to Getty Images coupon code. You do not have to worry about not finding any coupon code in the Internet anymore, you can immediately enjoy the built-in savings of Ultrapacks.

3 Key Features of Adobe Stock

The launch of Adobe Stock has shaken up the global stock image market. Approximately 85% of that market uses Adobe tools as their primary photo-editing application and more than 90% of the sellers manage their works of art using the same tools. Based on the acquisition of one of the best stock content providers, it curated over 40 million and still increasing high-quality images, illustrations and vectors, which are deeply integrated with the latest releases of Creative Cloud software applications.

Buyers and designers can directly launch Adobe Stock within the Creative Cloud desktop software, add watermarked images to their personal libraries and access them in any desktop tools. When they are ready to license their finished work, they can directly do it within the desktop software or in the website. Thanks to CreativeSync technology, Creative Cloud’s signature tool, all modifications made on the watermarked image are automatically applied to the licensed image. This saves buyers and designers hours and hours of potential revisions.

In addition to using Adobe Stock, creatives can contribute and access worldwide of motivated stock content buyers. Announcing industry-leading rates to artists, the stock service presents these features:

  • Easy to manage, work with and purchase stock content. Adobe Stock allows designers to launch the stock service directly within their Creative Cloud desktop software, where they add watermarked images and work with them across multiple Adobe tools. When they are ready to license the image, they can also immediately do so in the software and the licensed version will automatically replace the watermarked version – edits and all. 
  • Provides high-impact creative content. What do you need the images for? Will they be used for mobile, web or print? As an extensive marketplace of cheap stock photos, Adobe Stock includes over 40 million photos, illustrations and vectors. Covering virtually subject, stock content buyers will surely find what they are looking for to suit any theme, color, or size. Whether they are looking for images to fill their websites, an illustration for brochure or mobile application, there is a huge selection for possibilities. In the coming months, Adobe plans to add new stock categories to cater to customers in various fields. 
  • Simple and flexible prices. Adobe offers flexible pricing plans to enable marketers and creatives to buy a single image or subscribe to a plan, as they needed. Creative Cloud members are given up to 40 percent discount, letting them get the best value. A first feature in the stock image industry, Adobe Stock rolls over unused images from the 10-images-per-month plan for up to one year. For non-Creative Cloud members, a standalone stock service is available for single-image pricing as well as monthly and annual membership plans.

Adobe Stock changes the world through amazing digital experiences. Be a part of that world. Get now!   


Adobe Stock Free Trial: Is It Really Worth It?

Although Adobe Stock has only been in the industry for more than a couple of years, it has served many creative professionals well. It provides high quality, curated images from a vast collection of over 100 million assets. Directly integrated with your favorite Creative Cloud desktop application, you can now work faster and easier towards a successful and effective project.

But, these are not the only good things about the stock site. Adobe Stock is currently offering the creative community with the chance to download 10 free images from its library. This is not a joke! The vibrant and very popular stock photo agency features an Adobe Stock Free Trial for one month when you subscribe to its annual plan. Find more here.

What can you get with the Adobe Stock free trial? The one month free trial is available with two annual subscription plans – 10 assets a month and 40 assets a month.

The 10 assets a month subscription plan costs $29.99/month for a year, which means you can download images for as low as $3 each. Additional standard assets are at $2.99 per image, so you can download more images to complete you project. Up to 120 images can be rolled over upon renewal.

  • 10 standard images per month
  • Cancel-risk free subscription
  • Annual plan, paid monthly
  • Additional standard assets at low prices
  • Rollover images upon renewal

The 40 assets a month subscription plan, on the other hand, costs $79.99/month for a year. It lets you download images for as low as $2 each. Additional standard images can be purchased for $1.99 per image. You can also rollover up to 480 images upon renewal.

  • 40 standard images per month
  • Cancel-risk free subscription
  • Annual plan, paid monthly
  • Additional standard assets at very low prices
  • Rollover images upon renewal

If you are new to the website, this is the best opportunity to find out whether it fits your creative needs or not. The free trial gives you access to the entire image collection and lets you download 10 or 40 images, depending on the annual plan you want to try. If you think the website does not meet your needs or your budget, make sure to cancel within the free month.

Cancel-risk free trial is only applicable within the first month. Failure to unsubscribe means you will continue with the annual commitment, and you will be billed for the rest of the plan.

The Adobe Stock free trial is a great way to gauge whether the stock site will be a great primary image source, depending on your creative needs and budget. It lets you navigate the website and familiarize yourself with it, so you can find the assets you are looking for easily and quickly. You don’t have to worry if you decide otherwise because you can cancel anytime within the first month.

So, is it really worth the try? Definitely! If you are using Creative Cloud desktop applications, you will find that Adobe Stock is the perfect place to look for the perfect image for your creative project.



Importance of Extended License on Images for Commercial Use

When downloading images for commercial use, it is important that you understand the licensing terms associated with them. Otherwise, you could end up suffering from a damaged reputation and empty pockets. Like many legal documents, licensing agreements can be incomprehensible to the average reader. What makes thing worse is the fact that terms vary from site to site. So, what is the best license for stock images used commercially?

Extended License is an upgraded version of the Royalty-free License, which allows you to use images again and again without further cost. The former extends your usage rights, giving you unlimited print runs and allowing you to use the images on products for resale. In short, it removes certain limitations of the Standard license while adding some very useful rights. As a one-time fee model, you only pay once to benefit from the rights forever.

What can you do with an Extended License?
With this type of license, you can do everything you can [do] with a Standard license. Plus, you can produce unlimited copies and use them in

products to be resold for profit. You can use the stock photos for personal and commercial use – for as long as you want. Check over here. You can print as many images as you wish, without restrictions.

When do you need to acquire an Extended License?

  • You need to distribute more than the standard limit of copies allowed by the Royalty-free license.
  • You want to use the photos on products to be reproduced and sold for profit.

Where can you buy photos for commercial use?
There are a number of websites that offer stock images for commercial use. However, not all of them are of high quality and affordable cost. If you wish to purchase photos with an Extended License, you might want to check out Stock Photo Secrets. The stock site recently added the Extended License to their offerings, allowing you to purchase stock photos for commercial use. Here is a list of what’s included in the license:

  • 300,000+ Copies. With an Extended License, you can use images in your design and reproduce them on over 300,000 copies. You can use all images on advertising, marketing and other promotional materials. You can also use them on product packaging, books, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Products for Resale. With an Extended License, you can use the images to create your own merchandise. You can include them in t-shirts, canvas prints, posters, mugs, postcards and many more. You can also use them on electronic templates for resale, such as e-greeting cards and website templates.

Stock Photo Secrets has one of the cheapest pricing tables for Extended License in the market. A single image comes at $80 for non-members, while members can enjoy as much as 50% discount with $40 per image. That’s right! When you sign up to the website and subscribe to any plan, you can download packs of stock photos for commercial use for as low as $22. That’s a pretty great deal! What are you waiting for? Subscribe now!